Art Depot Volume 2

dYes, this is my latest update on my portfolio series- Art Depot.

(Check the previous version here)


The print output was kinda different from the soft file when I am working on this project, which makes me disappointed T_T, the output was too dark (it’s the printer’s  fault). Anyway, since I don’t have much artwork for the past few months, I decided to create a mini portfolio: a do-it-yourself portfolio.


A sneak peek on the inside [ Art Depot Volume 1 (upper left) ]




Online Folio

Finally, I’m finished with my online folio for my future job application. Hmm.. Well, my site has nothing to show off but at least I have. Without further ado, here’s the screen cap of my flash web site:!

I chose white polka for my background, giving off a minimalist and neat appearance.

A peek of my Artworks section. Seems familiar huh? ^^


Holla! Today, my post will be about my “included works” for my Folio project. Of course, who else would be my model? (drum rolls)- None other than my sister, Hannah.

Yes. My sister has appeared in most of my project, and this one was her latest- Mademoiselle / Flower girl . Faith (the one in Likido) wasn’t included because of the conflict with her class schedules. Without further a do, here’s the output >_<

Mademoiselle. Hannah, 12, donned a young-lady image for this fashion photo shoot.   Hair and makeup were done by Cristy Salazar and Lydia Bacani.                                      (for higher resolution, just click the image)

The other concept of the shoot was innocence /purity, thus, the flower girl.

The shoot and the wardrobe for this set was labor intensive- I have to gather up dried leaves and twigs for the set , but the result was kinda satisfying than what is expected.