Art Depot Volume 2

dYes, this is my latest update on my portfolio series- Art Depot.

(Check the previous version here)


The print output was kinda different from the soft file when I am working on this project, which makes me disappointed T_T, the output was too dark (it’s the printer’s  fault). Anyway, since I don’t have much artwork for the past few months, I decided to create a mini portfolio: a do-it-yourself portfolio.


A sneak peek on the inside [ Art Depot Volume 1 (upper left) ]




Glam It Up: (The Boys Look)

It has been a while since I made a post here on word press. (So, welcome back myself. Throws confetti) hehe~

Okay, let’s get to the topic. Lately, my weekend has becoming boring, if I’m not watching any series on my computer, or updating my android apps on market, you can see me on the kitchen looking for something to eat. But this Sunday, my urge to do some photography has caught me off to boredom.

Well then, who else is my model. My favorite subject since I was a student, my sister. :)) Hannah has quite grown up. She kinda’ handle how to make some modelesque pose this time, without any of my scolding (hehe).. Anyway, enough of the story.. here’s the output of what have we done.




Online Folio

Finally, I’m finished with my online folio for my future job application. Hmm.. Well, my site has nothing to show off but at least I have. Without further ado, here’s the screen cap of my flash web site:!

I chose white polka for my background, giving off a minimalist and neat appearance.

A peek of my Artworks section. Seems familiar huh? ^^

Corregidor Website

Hello. I’m back again with another post of my artwork, this time, It’s another web interface for my MAWRITE class. ( Multimedia Writing)

We’re asked to make a website of Corregidor out of the pictures we had during our trip on the island and here’s mine: (Just click the photo for higher resolution)


Hope you enjoy my design. Till next time 🙂

• Jethro Sison