Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 (Preview)


Finally, I’m an official Cherry Mobile user. Some people might be hesitant on switching to this brand, but this is worth trying.


I bought mine last Friday (Oct 25), and had it back at the store on Saturday (Oct 26). Yes, the unit I got has a factory defect. Most of the reviews I’ve bump online has this same problem of dead pixels , so future buyers, be aware. My unit has 2 dead pixel Β which is unnoticeable on white areas. These dead pixels are mainly visible on gray and dark areas. Moving forward, Cherry Mobile replaced the unit. I’ve had it check thrice to make sure there’s no defect on the unit I got.

What I really love about this phone is its classy look. It doesn’t look cheap at all. I got mine for only Php 7,999 (original price of 8,999) due to CM’s Christmas sale. On their FB page it is mentioned that the unit has a free case, but the staff on the store said that the promo will start on December, so I had to buy my own jelly case which is not that much to the pocket. Anyway, below are my preview pics of the phone..


32 thoughts on “Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 (Preview)

    • jethre says:

      No, its not rooted. Yes it is possible to install apk files without rooting the phone, just go to the application setting and check the unknown sources (allow installation of non-market apps)

    • jethre says:

      Hi, Front camera is good but the main camera has some lag in focusing a subject. Also, shooting with flash is below mediocre.

    • jethre says:

      Hi. With 5 months of use, i’ve encountered problem regarding the camera . Camera won’t open and keeps hanging then it go to force close mode. This was resolved by resetting my phone to factory default.

      All in all, i think it’s still a value for money regarding its price tag.

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